Eclectic! The Experimental Pieces.

Sometimes I just can’t resist experimenting with the amazing properties of glass to produce works which range from the novel to the frankly wacky.  Here are just a few.


This is an a piece experimenting with the effects of undulating textures, discordant with undulating colours. The strong colours work best lit from behind, so it is mounted in a Northumbrian rock.

15 x 15 cm.  Rock mounted.  £80

Pineapple Island

This is based on a mould of a pineapple, giving the textures. The colours show the tropical island associated with pineapples. It is mounted over mirror to emphasise the textures.

24 x 37 cm. Board mounted (40 x 50 cm).  £180.

Pineapple with Watermelon

This is based on the mould of a pineapple, giving the textures, but using the colours of watermelon. It is just a fun mix of these tropical summery fruits. The bubbly leaves reflect the juicy qualities.

24 x 37 cm. Board mounted (40 x 50 cm).  £180.

Mushroom Coral
Mushroom Coral in Orange

This pattern is taken from a close up photo of mushroom coral. It was just such a simple organic pattern, that is not always easy to recreate! The colours emphasise some of the ridges in the coral.

14cm x 14 cm.  Board mounted (30cm x 30 cm)
£80. 7320

Hot Air Balloon

We sometimes see balloons drifting over the fields around Felton on still summer evenings. I used twigs and pieces of conifer to give texture to the trees, hedges and crops.

29 x 29 cm Framed (50 x 50 cm)
£320.  5100